Wildlife Control Services

Homeowners can do things to keep wild animals away from their home. If they are eating the pet food, it should be kept inside. When wild animals come in through the pet door, it should be bolted shut for a few weeks. If animals are eating out of trash cans, the cans need to be kept in the garage or be secured with bungee cords. When animals poop in the pool, put a strong fence around the pool, a fence around the pool stairs, or cautiously put boards with nails on the steps. If raccoons are eating the goldfish in the pond, put concrete blocks or chicken wire in the pond for the fish to hide in. When squirrels are eating bird food out of the bird feeder, get a bird feeder that is squirrel proof. If they enter flowerbeds or gardens, net the entire area and stake down the perimeter.


When snakes are in a yard, they will probably wander off by themselves. However, if they enter a home, they may be able to shooed away with a broom. If they go into a pool, use a pool skimmer and put the snake in the yard. Are armadillos digging up your yard? If so, ensure that none are currently in a hole, bury a steel mesh in the hole, and cover it with dirt. This will not work for groundhogs. If skunks or opossums are under a deck or shed, use a flashlight, and when they are all gone, put a heavy duty steel fence around the perimeter of the deck or shed down into the dirt.

The jobs that people should leave to the professionals include having animals in the attic. Whenever animals are living in the attic or walls of a home, it is difficult to get them out of there. They could have a nest of babies in there. Getting rid of them takes a lot of experience and special tools to do the task properly. When bats are in a building, people should not try to get rid of them unless they know to get rid of them and have a vast knowledge of how to remove bat colonies. If moles invade a home, there are traps for sale in stores. However, controlling them consists of a very complex process. If a raccoon, unknown snake, or other kind of wildlife around, a person should not put their safety at risk.


They need to call a professional. When a mouse or rat is in a building or home, it is not easy to get rid of them. They can get into a place through the plumbing or in many different parts of the architecture. The task will not be complete until all of the points of entry are sealed shut. Putting out a few mouse or rat traps will not get rid of the problem. Rat poison will only make the problem worse. A person who has never got rid of birds or is just an amateur when dealing with birds should not attempt to get rid of an infestation of birds on their own. Also, if a person does not have the proper biohazard equipment, they should not try to clean up the waste animals leave behind on their own.

These are just a few situations where people without experience and knowledge should not try to get rid of animals by themselves. This is similar to doing your own dental care. It is for sure a specialized field where the professionals have a lot of experience and get a lot of training. When the task is too big for a person to handle on their own, there are specific things that a person should look for when looking for a wildlife control company.