Humane Animal Removal


If controlling and getting rid of wildlife has gotten out of control, there are tips that can lead a person to a humane and ethical company that will do the job right. The first thing that a person needs to do is to request an inspection and a written estimate. It is not easy for a company to give an estimate over the phone, but they should be able to tell a potential customer what each one of their services costs. When they visit your business or home, ask the company to identify what animals are there, all of the entry points as well as any potential entry points, if the animals have any babies there, and how they came up with the answer to these questions. Then a person needs to find out how the problem and the animals will be dealt with. Ask for specific details on how the problem will be taken care of and how the animals will be treated. How will they ensure that other animals will not appear in the future?

Then a person should stand firm about Humane Wildlife Removal methods being used. When an animal is inside a location, make sure that guaranteed eviction/exclusion strategies are utilized. They consist of: one way doors, hands-on removal, and reunions of animal families that ensures the release of these animals outside of the building. After that, they need to make sure that they company provides a great variety of animal proofing/exclusion services that have at least a one-year guarantee against the animal coming back into a building. The task is not finished until the points of entry have been secured with exclusion material that will keep wild animals out of a building or home.

raccoonA person also needs to look out for unethical fees and practices. They should never sign a contract that has an open-ended clause that permits a company to charge for removal of any and every animal that could be caught on the property. That is unethical and will not solve the problem in the long run. Getting a referral from someone that you can trust is also a good idea. Organizations that can be trusted are: a local wildlife rehabilitator, the humane society, or animal control. Find out how these companies know without a doubt that the company they are referring you to use humane practices. It does not hurt to get references from past customers either. Lastly, a person needs to get written documentation that the way a company does business are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Also, make sure that the company has commercial liability insurance and all required licenses.

When wildlife enters a home and tries to take over, wildlife removal professionals can and will with proper removal of the animals and ensuring that they do not return. They will also help you get rid of them humanely. With this happening, the animals are still alive and your business or home goes back to the peaceful and quiet place it was prior to the wildlife entering it.